Photo Diary: Nephew's Christening

Last August 3 was my nephew's baptism. Yey! He's name is Jerard Ian, nicknamed Jeshian. And he's really cute! :) The reception was nautical-themed. I was pretty excited because I was able to wear my cute navy dress. :)

I have some photos for you folks!

Cute eh? There was a chocolate fondue at the side so after lunch I was just standing there with my younger brother, eating marshmallows. Haha!

Every table had this cute centerpiece courtesy of my cousin. She's so creative and talented. :)
Hey, we're sitting at the captain's table!

Here's the cute little angel. :)

And here's another cute angel. Haha! Me! 
See that cute owl necklace? :) That's one of my favorite necklaces.

My nautical navy dress. I brought with me a red belt but I forgot to put it. Haha!
I bought this dress I think two years ago? I wore this once before when I attended my cousin's wedding in Bacolod. :)


So there folks. Just a break from all the bookish post.

Have a nice day!


  1. Aw. Your nephew is so cute and I love your dress!



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