Mangrove Tree Planting: Part 2

Going to the island nearby... 

 Beautiful sunset :)

 Bonfire... Look at those crabs! :)

 We, oldies, retired early. Haha! Nah, we were star-gazing . :)

 6 AM view :)

 Now the work... mangrove tree planting!

Tried this, but nothing happened so I let others do the digging :)

 We did not care if our hands got dirty. Planting was fun! :)

 at the nursery :)

Before going home :)

We sure want to go back, and plant again! 'Til next time! :)

That's all folks! It was fun and fulfilling planting mangroves and helping conserve our coastal areas. :)

Thank you Coca-Cola for sponsoring this project! :)